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The Mentor Masters Coaching Programme was designed and developed primarily for clients in a business environment, but the ideas and concepts are widely applicable for anyone.

The coaching programme has been used with many clients to improve their personal and business performance as well as improve their work life balance and life satisfaction.

The programme designed for business leaders and company directors has subsequently been used across the full range of people and roles in many organisations.

The contents include:

  1. Why Coaching?
  2. Coaching the Ground Rules
  3. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  4. Peak Performers
  5. The key Principals of NLP
  6. The Presuppositions of NLP
  7. Goals
  8. The Mind-Body Link
  9. The Power of Beliefs
  10. The Success Formula
  11. The Obstacle Analysis Grid
  12. Levels of Change
  13. The PERMA Model of Positive Psychology
  14. Time Management and Organisation
  15. Communication
  16. Winning People Over
  17. Coaching and Providing Feedback to Others
  18. Resilience
  19. Conclusion – The Laws of Success

As a successful business leader that has used the ideas in my own life, I am passionate about sharing these ideas with others. I have been coaching clients successfully now for many years and have put this workbook together to share the ideas more widely.

You can use this workbook for yourself or for coaching your team.

It is advisable to opt for the with coaching if you intend to coach others. With E-Coaching you get four 1hour individual coaching sessions to go with the workbook.

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The Mentor Masters Coaching Workbook with Four E-Coaching Sessions, The Mentor Masters Coaching Workbook Only


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