Climb Your Everest with Everyone




Climb Your Everest with Everyone is a fresh perspective on achieving outstanding results, through leadership whatever the circumstance. The book explores the journey of building, then leading a successful team to your Everest. It recognises that great leadership is the ability to make the most of whatever you have got, even with limited resources. The importance of defining a winning culture, creating a vision and navigating situations as they happen in the 2020’s. The book takes a look at management from a different perspective and explains to the reader how to make decisions with emotional intelligence. It is also emphasises the huge emotional factors tied to success and failure. How to manage disappointment, favouritism, your boss and performance issues within teams. It takes you on a journey to become an inspirational leader through any circumstance and master the leadership flex.

Martin Lacey is a passionate hand’s on leader who values integrity and a focus on emotional intelligence to put people and customers first. He has over 10 years’ experience in developing future leaders to achieve outstanding results. In Climb Your Everest with Everyone he shares his experience of coaching and developing winning teams.


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